When it comes to legitimate online jobs from home, WA is the real deal because they offer you so many options that you can cater to your liking, provided you are willing to learn and work towards financial security. I will explain more reasons within this post.Wealthy Affiliate can make your financial dreams come true

So many people are looking for that perfect opportunity to work from home but always seem to find some sort of scam or a program that is just not easy to master. I was like that several years ago but then thank God I found Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

Stop Looking to Get Rich Quick

Prior to joining Wealthy Affiliate I knew that any online opportunity that offers a formula for becoming rich in a short period of time was nothing more than a myth. There is only one way to become wealthy quickly and that is to play and win the lottery or a big casino cash prize.

Getting rich quick in any new business endeavor has never happened to anyone. The key to finding financial security in a home based business is to have your own website. Whenever you are tied to someone else’s website or money making program, you really do not have a business of your own.

With the training, resources and support provided by WA, you have total control of your future. All you need to do is apply what you learn and build an online business selling or promoting whatever products that you want.

What You Need to Know

Starting an online business does not have to be an expensive undertaking. Matter of fact at WA it is free to start building your own internet business, unless you reside in these seven countries, and will cost you only about $50 per month to grow and maintain.

Beware of other so-called work at home online opportunities that claim you have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to effectively start and run a business. That is simply not true. Spending more is not required to make a lot of money.

As with all other members, Wealthy Affiliate has taught me that you can make a full time income by just promoting products from other people’s websites. This is a form of marketing known as Affiliate Marketing, and thousands of major online retailers are involved with it.

get paid in affiliate marketing by these major online retailers

How Online Affiliate Marketing Works

For instance I enjoy playing video games and I also know how to develop them, I spent 25 years in the video game industry. So I created a website about my knowledge in this niche and promoted certain genres of video games by affiliating with Amazon and Origin Games.

This is how easy it is to begin, create and run an online marketing business of your own. You can take ANY hobby, passion, service or experience that you know about and that others desire to know as well, and turn it into a profitable business that you can fully operate from home.

When you have an internet marketing website in either affiliate marketing, with companies like Amazon and thousands of other retailers, or as an ecommerce direct sales website, you can make money 365 days per year and even while you sleep.

Why WA is Rated #1

owners of wealthy affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Co-Owners Carson & Kyle

Wealthy Affiliate has been in business for 15 years, starting in September 2005 by two successful online affiliate marketers. They set out to create a unique training online business building resource website that would include everything one would need to experience success.

They took their combined years of experience and created a training program that is so simple to understand even a total non-techie person can advance. These two owners, Kyle and Carson, have made everything about building your own website business as simple as possible.

Have you ever wanted your own website and blog but didn’t know how to build it? As a free, or paid, member of WA you have access to their WordPress website builder program that will build and host a website for you in less than a minute. There is no experience required.

Think of what you could accomplish if you had a fully functional WordPress websites. You could create an ecommerce site and partner with a few free drop shipping wholesaler suppliers or engage in the easier affiliate marketing with the thousands of online retailers all over the world.

Learn Everything from Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything about getting your business up and running without spending a fortune because frankly, it does not cost a lot of money to operate your own website business. Real affiliate marketing is always free to participate in.

learn the basics of affiliate marketing

Even the skills you will learn from WA can be applied to other online endeavors for people’s websites. One area is your ability to create website content that get high rankings in Google. There are thousands of companies that have websites that will hire people with that skill.

Another fantastic aspect of the whole WA experience is the very helpful and supportive community of members from all over the world. Every member of WA is encouraged to help other members to achieve success.

There is a genuine “Pay it Forward” mentality within the community and it makes the learning process much easier. And after being a premium member for 3 months you can even earn a little money for helping people learn how to grow their business.

Even Wealthy Affiliate Will Pay You

You can create additional training videos and/or written tutorials and based on readership, social sharing, views and likes, you will earn money and this is not a onetime payment. It will continue for as long as that training remains live on the WA servers.

So not only can you make money from the training when applied to your own website, but you can earn money from using the training elsewhere and from creating your own training. Making money from home in online affiliate marketing is a very simple yet profitable concept.

I explain several of the many different ways you can make money in affiliate marketing by becoming a free affiliate of companies like Coca-Cola, or franchises like Star Trek, or in the niches of Fashion for Men, Video Games, Wedding Supplies Services, and even in Christianity.

How WA Helped Me to Earn Money Online

By following the simple step by step instructions of the training courses within the Wealthy Affiliate program I learned how to do keyword research, how to create SEO (Search Engine Optimization) website content, and how to get that content ranked in Google.

Blogging on WordPress

Writing WordPress website content and product descriptions for extra freelance money

This has not only helped me to build profitable websites but has provided me with money making opportunities in writing website content for various company websites. All of the knowledge you gain from the training, thousands of other website owners are seeking too.

Because of the WA training I have written website content and product descriptions for several ecommerce and affiliate marketing websites. I make $120.00 for every 2000 word blog I write for one website every week and an additional $275.00 per week doing product descriptions.

A Good Return on Investment

That is $1,580.00 every month for just using the skills I learned from the training at Wealthy Affiliate. This is in addition to the money I make from my affiliate marketing websites. Notice I said websites, plural.

It is so easy and fast to build a website at WA. It costs no more than $2.00 extra per month per website on top of the original $50.00 monthly cost. I have 4 affiliate marketing website businesses that cost me a combined total of $56.00 per month to operate.

wealthy affiliate membership cost

Run an entire internet business at WA for just under $50 per month

Where else do you know of where you can invest and operate almost totally on autopilot, 4 websites for $56.00 per month? Not only is Wealthy Affiliate inexpensive to learn and operate multiple website income sources, but you can earn money on your website building knowledge.

Your Website is an Online Resume

Another area I have made money was building websites for other people. If you can think outside of the box and combine it with the WA training, you will have many options for making money online, with the sky as the limit for ideas to generate income.

Once you have a website that is being ranked well in Google, which WA teaches you how to do, the website can act as your online resume for people seeking that service. You can send people to Google to prove to them that you know how to get a website to rank high in search results.

Another way where a website of your own will greatly help you, is to land a job for writing website content. When you apply to the majority of legitimate freelance online writing opportunities you are asked to send samples. Sending links to your website is a viable option.

There is Only One Catch

All of this may sound really good, and trust me it is, but there is one catch that many people fail to overcome. What is that catch? It is a poor mindset in how they approach their future financial goals, unfortunately propagated by many of the online scams.

You first have to start the journey, you have to learn how to monetize the journey, you have to work hard at applying what you learn for the journey, and you have to have patience while on that journey. If you cannot do any of these and expect things to happen quickly, you will fail.

meaning of entrepreneurship

Just look at every single successful online entrepreneur. Did they go into their online business journey with the attitude of giving it a few months of moderate work and see where they end up? NO! They went in and said, I am going to give 100% of what I have every available hour.

How You Can Experience Success Too

If you want to experience success in your own online business, you must get the training and support that will lead you to the many different legitimate online jobs from home. Only Wealthy Affiliate can give you everything you need to reach your financial goals.

The ONLY thing that YOU must bring to the journey is your desire for success and determination to see it through. Those who work hard in the beginning and throughout their online marketing journey, will taste success for the fruits of their labor in the long run.

It has now been a little more than three years since I clicked on the link to Wealthy Affiliate University. Back then I was already making some money online but I wanted to know how to build and run my own website. Joining was the BEST decision I ever made.

I Learned More Than I Thought I Would

What I learned was absolutely amazing. I not only learned how to build and run my own internet marketing website but also how to do many different website building skills that are in high demand by others website owners.

I also learned about Online Affiliate Marketing and how anyone can take an idea, an interest or hobby that they have and turn it into a profitable business that would run itself 24/7. The concept was so simple to understand that I didn’t believe it in the beginning.

Making Monthly Affiliate Commissions

wealthy affiliate payout

My WA Commission for an entire month

Like many others who have been scammed in the past, I thought that all forms of online marketing required a lot of money and knowledge to be successful. Though it is true that knowledge is power, it is not true that spending more will make you more.

However the way the training is structured at WA and because of the simplicity of how affiliate marketing works online with all of the major retailers, I abandoned my original plan for joining and embraced this new form of marketing.

I am so glad that I did and as is shown in the picture above, my commission payment from the WA affiliate program for October 1, 2016, is a nice $701.50 addition to my other online earnings. You too can achieve this and even more!

What I like best about this kind of income is that it is Passive Income, meaning it is mostly unearned or recurring income that is from efforts of the past. This is one of the many ways to earn money with the WA training. Please leave your comments below or become a free member and find out for yourself!

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When it comes to legitimate online jobs from home, WA is the real deal because they offer you so many options that you can cater to your liking, provided you are willing to learn and work towards financial security. I will explain more reasons within this post. So many people...